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Technology Center

Hubei BlueSky New Material INC., hereafter refers to as Hubei BlueSky, takes centralized R&D as the key part of the organization, which makes the technology center as the system of innovation teams. The technology center is led by Xiao Junping, Vice Chairman of Hubei BlueSky, who dominates the R&D works of technology center. The technology center was recognized as  the Enterprise Technology Center of Hubei Province in 2012, and the organosilicon technology R&D center jointly built with Hubei University in 2013 was recognized as  the University-enterprise Joint Organosilicon Technology Center of Hubei Province. In 2015, the Laboratory of Silane Derivative Development and Application jointly built with Hubei University was established in Hubei University, and was approved to establish a postdoctoral scientific research workstation. In 2016, it was recognized as  the Silane Derivatives Engineering Technology Research Center of Hubei Province. 

At present, the technology center has a dynamic and innovative technical R&D team with 82 professional technical personnel, including 4 engineering leaders with high technical level and rich engineering practical experience, 5 senior engineers, 26 engineers, 3 professors, and 5 doctors. By the end of August, 2023, 40 patents have been authorized, including 31 patents for invention and 9 patents for utility model, and many of which are at the international advanced level. In recent years, the technology center has received 7 scientific and technological achievement awards, completed 2 scientific and technological achievement evaluations, and the evaluation conclusion is at the international advanced level. Among them, the Synthesis of Trimethoxysilane by Direct Method and the Continuous Process of Methyltriacetoxysilane have been awarded as the excellent scientific and technological achievement by China's fluorosilicon industry. The organosilicon series products developed by the technology center have been recognized as Hubei famous brand products and have won the Science and Technology Progress Award of Hubei Province, the Scientific and Technological Achievement Promotion Award of Xiantao City. At the same time, the technology center published 11 papers in magazines such as Organosilicon Materials, the Proceedings of “Jianghan Cup” the 8th Silane and Siloxane Oligomer Technology Information Exchange Conference, and the 8th International Sealing Materials Technology Seminar 2017. In addition, in order to achieve standardization and standardization of product quality control, the technology center has completed the development of 95 enterprise standards, led the drafting of 2 national standards, 1 industry standard, and 9 group standards.

The technology center has rich varieties of equipment and proper installation to meet the needs of our product research and development. In addition to conventional gas chromatography(analyzing components and contents, the same below), red-infra spectrophotometer (functional groups), viscosimeter (viscosity), moisture meter (moisture), digital pH meters (pH), Hash turbidity meter (turbidity), Microcoulomb integrated analyzer (total chlorine), automatic potentiometric titrator (free chlorine), digital Abbe refractometer (refractive index), and automatic sulfur meter (sulfur content), UV visible spectrophotometer (molecular structure) and conductivity meter (conductivity) that analyze the compositions and properties of substances, there are also production equipment closely related to this field, including experimental planetary mixers, tensile testing machines, kneading machines, three-dimensional high-speed mixers, cement mortar mixers and coated sand prototypes used for preparing coated sand, as well as other commonly used laboratory heating and weighing equipment.

Our equipment is strongly practical and can achieve rapid and accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis of our products. The analysis results have high accuracy and have been unanimously recognized by customers. At the same time, the equipment in the technical center can also meet conventional use, such as three-dimensional high-speed mixers for mixing purposes, ice machines for cooling, magnetic heating stirrers for reaction heating, muffle furnaces for drying, airflow dryers and electric constant temperature drying boxes, peristaltic pumps for feeding, etc. These advanced equipment have laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of our company's technology. Our technology center also uses software from relevant equipment to quickly analyze the composition and properties of unknown samples. Gas chromatography is a chromatographic analysis method using gas as the mobile phase, mainly used for separating and analyzing volatile substances. Gas chromatography has become one of the most important separation and analysis methods, widely used in fields such as medicine and health, petrochemical industry, environmental monitoring, biochemistry, etc. Our technology center uses advanced software on gas chromatography equipment in the research and development process to improve research and development efficiency. Usually, the X-axis of a gas chromatography chart shows the time it takes for the analyte to pass through the column and reach the detector, and the displayed peaks correspond to the time each component reaches the detector. The Y-axis or peak area reflects the presence of a specific analyte. In addition, unknown compounds can also be identified based on the retention time of known standards under the same parameters. Therefore, the software provided on the gas chromatography can help us quickly and accurately identify the type and content of unknown peaks. Infrared spectrophotometer, as a widely used equipment in fields such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, teaching, material science, public security, national defense, etc., has also played an irreplaceable role in our company's product development process. This device is mainly used for qualitative analysis of the characteristic functional groups of products. The infrared spectra of unknown samples obtained through infrared spectrophotometer are compared with the infrared spectra in the standard product library provided by the software to determine the type of unknown samples, which greatly improves the efficiency of our R&D works.

Our technology center has complete R&D conditions, as well as a reasonable knowledge structure and high-quality technical strength. Our R&D projects are at a high technical level, with a certain degree of foresight and comprehensiveness, which has formed a relatively independent and complete technical R&D center. It is conducive to fully utilizing the human, material and financial resources of technology development, and the integration of basic research and application research, product design and process design, soft technology and hard technology, which greatly improves the ability and level of enterprise product development.

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